Amazon – Growth Stunted By Irish Planning Laws

An 88 000 square foot piece of land on the outskirts of Dublin, in Tallaght, is scheduled to be occupied by the new Amazon Data Centre. The 23 280 square meters proposed building will similar in size to the other data centre also situated in the area at the location of a refurbished Tesco warehouse which the company took ownership of in 2010. Amazon Data Services Ireland put the proposal forward on behalf of Amazon Web Services as is the procedure when Amazon intends on building in the country.

Law Amendments For Success

Negotiations between the Irish government and company representatives recently which considered amendments to the planning laws of the country where large data centres are concerned are what spurred the move. Amazon has made their opinion on the matter quite clear, suggesting that the process of authorising facilities that span an area of 15 hectares or more, with buildings or facilities of 10 000 square metres be fast-tracked. The board who heads planning in the region will listen closely. Last year Apple cancelled their plans for building a huge data centre in Galway because of the many delays encountered over the years.

Too Little Too Late

Those who objected to the building of the Apple data centre in Galway were able to put a spanner in the works of the process by voicing an appeal to the permission granted by the planning authority. The decision was later made the responsibility of the High Court who also encountered numerous delays and postponements due to a shortage of judges to oversee the workload. The permission was eventually granted, however, by that time Apple was no longer certain they wanted to proceed. This is the very same situation Amazon may find themselves in going forward. While the Irish government has guaranteed that they will be reviewing the planning laws to prevent such instances, it may be too little too late.