Blockchain – No Other Avenue To Take

Cryptography is a form of security used by blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized, digital public record which keeps track of transactions by making use of chained blocks. The use of blockchain is increasing in popularity and growing considerably. Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets are the most common forms of blockchain used today. By granting access to any user on a document, both of you will be able to see minute to minute changes on that document through the granted access. This allows for real-time review and agreement on any changes made. The documents are secured in the sense that the only member invited or granted access can view the document contents.

Impact On Web Design

The impacts on web design by blockchain technology can be divided into three categories. Data stored within any given blockchain is secure from corruption as in order to corrupt any one part, the user must have the ability to override the entire network. Transactions are public and transparent because they are embedded in every part of the given network. While blockchain is open and transparent in nature, data can be encrypted with access only being granted to those who have the secure key. This kind of encryption is useful and quite vital in applications where messaging is the nature of the application. Cloud technology allows digital files to be encrypted, pulled apart and then distributed between a number of different computers.

Reliance on Digital Age

A vast majority of the population relies on the internet in order to accomplish daily tasks while others depend on the use thereof as a means of income. The necessity of decentralizing and securing applications is increasing each day and it is web design that must change and incorporate its principles accordingly. While at this stage it may only be incorporated by small businesses, it is almost certain that large corporations will soon join the show in a bid to keep stakeholders happy.