iQ3 Takes Cloud-Based Solutions To New Heights

A Sydney-based specialist company has been awarded a contract with a distributor who is yet to be named. iQ3 has been brought on board in a bid to improve the capacity, availability and speed of the platform of the distributor who has seen huge growth in its cloud-related business. The distributor in question pulls in a revenue of close on US$36 billion each year and employs a staff of about 14 000. iQ3 has been successful in the design and implementation of a system that has the capability of allowing the business to focus its attention on acquiring customers, however, the management of the infrastructure can also be monitored.

Delivery Time Beaten

CEO of iQ3, Craig Humphreys, has confirmed that the project beat the scheduled delivery time claiming that the instability of legacy network belonging to the distributor was a factor of concern. Humphreys went on to emphasise how cloud-based solutions were increasing dramatically. The company provides solutions across all markets in Australia which includes education, commercial and governmental sectors. According to Humphreys the experience with the distributor in question has been a satisfying one. The mere thought that their architecture plays a strategic and vital role in the success of their client is a phenomenal one. What creates an environment even more conducive to success is when both parties are working towards the same goal, as was the case in this instance.

Cloud-Based Business On The Rise

Increasingly in the market, it has been recognised that cloud-based applications, platforms and business have increased tremendously. As technology advances and security features improve, more companies are reverting to cloud-based systems. Humphreys has made it clear that the direction that the global client is moving in is proof that the trend is leaning more towards cloud-based solutions every day. With the cloud, opportunities open up that were not evident in the past and the future looks bright.