Online Overtakes Offline In Many Sectors

The digital age has swept across Ireland, more people are undertaking business transactions online and are seeking more opportunities to do so. The Three Connected Ireland Report which is in its third edition has reported that more of the general population are submitting their tax returns and sorting out their affairs via mobile apps or websites rather than the old fashioned way – in person. Advancements in technology are changing the approach of people towards one another, businesses and government departments as well as how they interact.

Survey Speaks Loudly

Close on 1000 smartphone users were contacted by Amarach Research as part of a survey carried out. Three distinct groups were identified and asked to provide their opinions on matters. The connected citizen, the connected business and the connected life areas were targeted for the survey. It was found that more than 50% of surveyed individuals have used the online platforms to interact with government departments in the past year, the percentage is slightly higher for those in the age groups above 55 years. There are, however, some trends that go against the norm with people preferring to communicate with the passport office in person rather than online, for instance.

Using Online Platforms Beneficially

Many of those surveyed have revealed the need for the government to make better use of online platforms. Using the apps for traffic alerts would be beneficial to all motorists in any given area. Security is another area that could be beefed up with the use of online facilities, the ability to upload photographs of suspicious vehicles or people for the attention of local authorities could provide a greater sense of security. Access to online data and information is a vital part of everyday life and Ireland is keeping up with the pace and the changing times.